Shiva Prakshalana Kriya Steps 1-5

Shiva Prakshalana Kriya Steps 1-5
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London 2008 - 2011 Booklet of 83 pages | English "The knowledge will remove the... mehr
"Shiva Prakshalana Kriya Steps 1-5"

London 2008 - 2011

Booklet of 83 pages | English

"The knowledge will remove the darkness. If there is no knowledge, if there is no right map, right path, you cannot able to do it. If you started to thinking with your monkey minds and if you have not enough knowledge and processes, then it’s very difficult to reach the destiny. To cross the flow of the river, you need something, a small, like a little wood, or balloon or something very strong, something, a little boat, to cross it. Like a master is the namasagura. To reach your destiny the guru is the most important key part to make you reach your destiny." Sri Kaleshwar

Es gibt bisher keine deutschsprachige Ausgabe dieses Transkripts. Wenn du helfen möchtest, die Übersetzungsarbeit voranzubringen, spende bitte HIER oder werde FÖRDERER von Kaleshwar Europe.

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